Kross bikes?

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  • 07-13-2015
    Kross bikes?
    Everything seems to be ok about this brand, on the higher end models.
    But we're having some doubts on the lower end ones.

    My brother is deadly interested in any of the Level A 26er bikes.
    So i'm just wondering if anyone has ever tried one of their lower end bikes, and how has been that experience for you? Any complaints?

    He's interested in the A6, but prone to getting the A2 if its below 13000 LPS. (Honduran currency)
    If it is, he'd like to know if the bike has disc brake mounts on the frame, and also, if it has a tapered head tube, which is unlikely, but...the dealer hasn't been really interested in answering those questions and is trying to get us to visit them.
    We will, but we would like to know...

    Thanks in advance, been doing a lot of questions about others people's bikes lately, lol.