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    KHS xc604

    I think I'm going to pick up one of these next weekend, I'm a 260lb Clyde but it seems like a pretty solid bike, good welds, good price, the bike shop guys are friendly enough and definitely seem to know their stuff (they're downhill racers when they're not selling bikes). The components aren't all that great, but I can upgrade those if and when they break.

    I know it's a pretty new bike but does anyone have any experience with one ? It's a very light bike and that worries me, but the frame looks and feels really solid (I graduated as an engineer so I think I can recognise a solid build), not sure about the components, but it's a truvativ crank which I'm used to and I figure I can always upgrade the drivetrain if it proves problematic.

    I'm using my Specialized HardRock for most riding (put 2000 miles on it last year, just), but it's mostly street work, so I'm looking for a weekend bike to do some cross country riding.

    Thoughts ?

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    i'll give you advice if I have a link, a little help?
    Can you attach a link to the website?

    Why are you buying a new bike if it has similar/low end components that are on the bike your riding now?

    When you buy a bike that comes with better components, you get more for your money.

    Try to buy something that you won't have any buyers remorse over

    Planning to "upgrade" when your parts break/fail is ok, but you will be spending more then you would if you got it all in one package

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    Hey, thanks for the help.

    That's the main bike page.

    To be fair, the components are probably better than my current bike which was a low end bike to begin with but has had a fair amount of parts replaced. The main things I'm buying this one for are a full suspension frame and disc brakes, I'll only be doing XC riding on it, no major downhilling stuff and no big dropoffs (clyde+dropoff = twang). The thing I'm mostly concerned about is the 4 bar linkage rear suspension and whether or not it can put up with my fat ass (260), the bike shop guys reckon it'll be fine and one of them's a clyde, I figure since the frames are under warranty, if I break it I guess I'll get a replacement

    I have a budget of around $1500, this one seems to fit the bill nicely and the guys who run the bike shop are friendly and knowledgeable, so I'd rather buy there than from a chain like Supergo *spit*.

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