Has anyone tried both short and long wheel base plus models? I've gotten a quote for a LWB rolling chassis, but maybe I should have gone with short. My current ride is a Krampus with velocity blunt wheels and Maxxis Ardent tires 2.4 inches front. 2.25" rear. I like that it is nimble. The bike is too small, and I finally decided to go with Jones as a replacent. But I don't want to suddenly feel like I'm on an ECR, if that makes sense. But maybe a LWB is more nimble than a Krampus. How am I to know? I read the jones thread in the 29+ forum, and someone mentions a bit too much inertia in the turns. But most people loved it. I'd like some suggestions and experience opinions.

I ride trail and Some single track, though two hurricanes within 10 months killed the best single track in the area. I don't want the experience of riding a plush Tank (Ogre). No plans to bike pack in the near future, but would lov to try it someday. Will get 3" Maxxis Chronicles on Jeff's more or less entry level wheels. Though I went with brass nipples and Swiss spokes as I live on the Atlantic, and saltwater corrosion is a given.