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    IF Tungsten Electrode?

    So, I saw the DW-Link add in MBA with a pic of what looks like the IF Tungsten Electrode. I was under the impression that that frame was killed off a few years back due the "low" quality of sourced AL rear triangles. Does anybody know if that bad a$$ frame has been resurrected? Man I hope so but my wallet will probably run for the door.

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    If you look at the rear triangle, you'll see an IF CNC'd into it in the lower yoke so it looks like they either found someone to take care of that problem for them or they may be producing the rear triangles in-house too.
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    They don't make it anymore, it's not on their website.

    I can't believe it had anything to do with poor quality anything. It's not like Aluminium rear triangles are a marginal feat of engineering, and I think the 'final' versions were Titanium anyway.

    Honestly, if I was to guess, I'd say they probably priced themselves out of the market, in a segment of the market they're not known for.
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    Wasn't that frame originally priced close to 4800 bucks??????

    They may have found a aluminum supplier for the rear......The Pivot rear looks amazing, so I wouldn't be surprise if they are getting them from the same source.
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    I remember seeing the original prototype at Mount Snow VT, many years ago and the price was staggering.....even by todays standards. Looked great if your name was Bill Gates.

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    IF's reply

    I emailed IF and asked about the bike in the DW ad and if there was any truth about a possible Tungsten Electrode release in the near-future. Here is their reply:

    That DW pic should never have been put out there. It is going to be a
    while before we offer a full suspension frame. I will certainly put it
    up on the site when we are ready to go.

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    They made a few, mostly for themselves. It is on ifrider.com in the members section.

    A year or so Matty B visited Bio-Wheels in Cincy and brought along a white one. It was pretty sweet, but yeah with a bare frame costing $4000+ they would be at the top of the market when many other designs were superior for waaay less.

    Plus their steel and ti bikes absolutely flippin rock. Stick with what they know and they are doing just fine.

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