• 05-24-2008
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    Have a question about old Chumba(Wumba)
    Hello, chumba fans! Please, tell me more about this old frame.
    For what type of riding was designed this frame, how much travel he have and about geo.
  • 05-24-2008
    Zulu DSS (dual slalom suspension) I think 4.5" travel.
  • 05-24-2008
    Who's is that? You may be able to get a credit towards a new frame for that. Shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] if you are interested.

  • 05-29-2008
    Slyp Dawg
    that is indeed an old DSS, designed for fourcross gate racing and dual slalom racing. I want to say it has 3.5" of travel, but that's just me. definitely a neat little bike. sorta wish I had one, if for nothing else than as a do-all play bike for sessioning the FR sections of local trails
  • 05-30-2008
    holy linkage batman! did you guys steal that off an old yz 250?