Ghost of Germany

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  • 11-21-2018
    Ghost of Germany
    Not many reviews of them here and of course when you search "Ghost Bikes" in your search engine of choice 1/2 the results come back for memorials to dead cyclists.

    From what I've been able to source up they're a respected craft manufacturer based in Germany who's been producing bikes for about 20 years. The company has a respected following in Europe.

    Ghost has a minuscule footprint in the US; they only started being distributed in the last 3-4 year exclusively through REI for the US market.

    Interesting frame design in their 'Square' line.

    Their Kato & SLAMR lines have more traditional looking geometries

  • 11-27-2018
    I dialed up REI the other day with a few questions and didn’t come away with the most favorable impression.

    REI is not the direct importer, which is always nice as it cuts out a middle man.
    The bikes are distributed in America by Accell NA, which is part of the larger Accell NV holding company who own and distribute about 10 brands (Raleigh, Diamondback, Nishiki, etc.)

    But more troubling was the tech telling me that they’ve had difficulty getting a response from anyone at Ghost. A customer needed a new wheel and wanted a direct factory replacement, yet in over a week they’ve received no reply from Ghost or the US account rep at Accell.

    That sort of customer service level, especially with a tech with your SOLE and ONLY authorized reseller gives me a bit of pause.
  • 11-29-2018
    Saw they had a 27.5+ AL C1.12 pinion bike, but 32+ lbs is quite the porker for a HT
  • 11-30-2018
    I think it is the Pinion crankset that adds the extra weight. Thus far I only see them on Urban Commuters, Trekkers, and Downhillers. They almost always are +3-5 lbs over their standard siblings.