• 10-12-2013
    Getting back to MTB.... New to me Orange Crush..
    Due to life and injuries from Motorcycles ect I have had about 20 years off from riding apart from the odd ride every few years. I have had my Checker Pig practically since I started riding. I love the bike even though it is out dated and rigid and not the latest and greatest. It has survived drop offs into quarries and down scree covered hills. Only to be retired due to an injury to my shoulder from a motorcycle highside.. Ooops...

    So I recently started looking for a new bike which would not hurt as much to ride. There were only a couple I tried which were up right enough to feel comfortable enough and were mostly cheaper budget bikes. I wanted something a little better spec and build. After a while of getting nowhere I found a poorly listed Orange Crush (2010) on evilBay which I got for an extremely good price. I went to collect it and under the dust the bike was almost like new.

    I took it out for my first real ride in over 18 months and although I felt like I had collapsed lungs it was comfortable and took all it could throw at it (poor riding mosly). I took it on the Follow the Dog route and the Monkey Trail at Cannock Chase.

    Since my first ride I have done a couple more and I am loving the great little Orange. The long travel front keeps me up right and will take the hits I can give it. It jumps as well as I will want and lets me get back into cycling injuries and all...

    Sherwood Forest is local to my parents and the 23 miles I did riding round my old stomping grounds was possibly the most enjoyable ride I have done in almost 20 years. Back on a bike, no pain and more able than me to go where I want...It was my perfect ride.... Plus I had lunch with The Major (Major Oak which is supposed to be Robin Hoods tree).

    I have not done much apart from get a headlight and make a pre-preg carbon chain stay protector..

    Now I need to ride more and make a few changes to improve the few things I want. Comfort is OK it is just to help make it better for me to go and do some all day rides.. like puncture resistant tyres or at least some to work well in British mud and snot.. lol.
  • 10-26-2013
    A little more work done to make it a little better for me.... I love making parts if I can but they have to serve a purpose. I wanted a shark fin to protect the rear mech after seeing and having them ripped off the bike when hit by something on the trail..

    Here is the prototype mock up for my shark fin..

    It has a nice little twist to push anything to one side and this shows the rear mech at the most outward position which I hope still gives enough protection.

    I will be making it out of pre-preg carbon so it will have a finish more like this as I dont want a cheap looking high gloss one I want it to look more like the Moto GP parts on real GP Bikes and Cars..
  • 01-09-2014
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    Update. Had the bike a few months now so had to replace the rear tyre and I have finished the carbon work too... The bars have been swapped for some which are a little wider and higher rise. Mostly I have been looking at changes to improve the bike not just change for the sake of change...
    I am looking at changing the wheels later this year for some wider rims as the internal width is only 17mm of the original ones so I hope a 23mm wide rim will let me get a bit more cushioning running 2.4 inch tyres. I also want to lighten up the front of the bike as it feels a little front heavy for me but that could be just down to me and what I was used to with a rigid.
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