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    Floating Brake Mount needed ?

    Does the Floating brake mount from Foes REALLY help or is it a gimick item ??? Why would they offer it as an OPTION if it was needed ?? I just purchased a Inferno so I was puzzeled by this. Any help would be appreaciated.

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    I don't know about the Foes floating brake, but I added a Brake Therapy floating brake to my Bullit and it made a huge difference in the way the suspension worked under braking.

    More info & pics:

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    Floating brake

    Yes it makes a huge difference. I have it on my Fly and it brakes into corners like a horst link bike. I think it's an option because Foes frames are so expensive they need to have a way to make them look cheeper on paper. I know thwt my first year Fly has a straight rod for the floater that limits your tire choices to narrow 2.35s.

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    I added a floating rear caliper to my FXR this past July and was amazed at the difference it made in rear traction and how much more it allowed the Curnett to do its job more effectively which it already does beyond well. I can brake this bike now hard as nails over chatter bumps, roots down steep decents, and every other type of gnarly, rutted, rooted, rocky terrain and it just sticks. The suspension mows everything down and the braking is smooth and controlled.I can't hardly even get the rear tire to skid and when I run the floater, I switch up to an 8" rotor in the rear. As long as I got the shock tuned right for the app. and I got a good piece of rubber on the ground, this thing handles everything smoother and more controlled. I was very skeptical on the venture and went at it with a very subjective outlook and in my opinion is a worthy upgrade. Everytime I go to Snowshoe or Jersey I bolt it up. I will mention I feel this system is primarily beneficial in a downhill/ freeride/ hardcore technical trail application and really doesn't offer that much of a return on normal XC trail riding. The Curnett does a spectacular job on it's own in that respect. But if you like to go big and go fast when you go big, this thing is the ticket. I got mine off of Brian from Brake Therapy. He custom fabricated one for my Ritchey hub and FXR frame. Great researching/building/buying experience. He knows his stuff. That's why lots of bikes racing on the NORBA scene use his stuff.

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