• 02-07-2009
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    First Impressions of New VF2
    Got my new VF2 frame a few weeks ago and got it built up a few days ago.

    My point of comparison is the US-made Chumba XCL frame that I've had for two years, and from which I stripped parts for the new VF2 frame.

    The weight of the VF2 with a complete build is 27.2 lbs. The build includes a Fox Talas front fork, Fox DHX 5.0 rear shock, Crossmax SL wheels with tubeless ready Specialized and Bontrager wheels and Stan's sealant, XTR crank, shifters, cassette, rear derailleur and pedals, Salsa Moto carbon handlebars, Truvativ stem, WTB Rocket saddle, Thomson Masterpiece seat post, Truvativ head set, and Avid Juicy 7 front and rear brakes. Compared to my old XCL build, the new VF2 build appears to be about 1.4 lbs lighter. I think getting the build under 27 lbs would be very difficult without going to a different, lighter front fork.

    I've only completed two rides on the VF2 so far, the first ride being about 10 miles long on mostly techy, rocky steep terrain and the second ride being about 12 miles long on slightly easier but still rocky and steep terrain. As a result, my impressions are based on rather limited experience.

    The lightness of the VF2 is noticeable, especially going uphill. The head angle of the VF2 appears to be ever so slightly steeper, and this also helps with climbing performance. The VF2 is nimble and quick on the uphill and on the downhill, and overall performs slightly better than my older but heavier XCL.

    I felt no decrease in stiffness in the rear end compared to my old XCL owing to the rear triangle being formed of carbon instead of aluminum. Riding downhill the VF2 performs every bit as well as my older and heavier XCL, if not better.

    For reasons I am unsure of, the front and rear suspensions seem to work better on the VF2 than the older XCL. This may be due in part to the updated DHX 5.0 rear shock that came with the VF2, or may be due to improved frame geometry and stiffness.

    The VF2 is a SUPERB mountain bike, and I am very pleased with my purchase.
  • 02-07-2009
    Very nice!

    A quick way to get your bike under 27 would be to switch out the shock for a RP23 or the like. That's a 0.5lb difference right there!
  • 02-07-2009
    Yea, I'd do that if I didn't like the DHX so much. And I can hardly complain about the 27 lb weight of the bike considering its 5.5 inch travel and impressive capabilities when railing downhill. Compared to most mountain bikes I know of, and which have similar capabilities and specifications, the Chumba VF2 is in a class of its own: It's light enough to be an XC bike, and burly and strong enough to handle the terrain meant for many "freeride" and "All Mountain" bikes.
  • 02-07-2009
    Good point. 27 lbs is very respectable for a 5.5" bike.

    I've been having fun on my VF2 as well, and like you noted, the rear suspension feels different than the XCL, but in a good way. It just seems to track much better than the XCL for some reason. Maybe it's the dampened feeling the carbon rear end provides?

    I'm not sure exactly, but I do like it. It just feels right. :thumbsup:
  • 03-21-2009
    Psycho Marco
    Hello guys, any updated comments about your bikes?
  • 03-30-2009
    Nothing really new to add except that I continue to like the ride and feel of the VF2. It is a definite improvement over the 2007 XCL that I had previously.