f-bom prototype update

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  • 06-23-2011
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    f-bom prototype update
    Yesterday we spent some time changing out some parts on the prototype. The most significant is the fork. We put on an adjustable Rock Shox Pike so we can set up the travel from 95mm - 140mm to see how it changes the geometry and feel of the ride. The frame is designed around a 100mm fork with a 72 degree headangle. As the fork travel increases, the headangle decreases mellowing out the quickness of the handling some.

    We will do some testing, and a little math, with each setting and see how the bike rides. I have always liked adjustable forks because you can change how a bike handles just by setting the fork differently. For tighter singletrack trails, I like to have the fork low, which makes the bike handle quicker. On a trail that is more open and faster, it is nice to be able to set the fork higher to give the bike more higher speed stability and so on. We'll see how this works on the f-bom prototype.

    Also, we plan to be at Theodore Wirth this Saturday at noon to let people ride it. So if you are in the Minneapolis area, bring your preferred pedals and shoes, we will have a pedal wrench, and give the bike a spin around Wirth's 3 mile loop.