Hi there,
Currently riding an 05 Ala Carte, which is a beautiful bike, really really enjoying it!
However, as usual, im looking at adding another bike to the stable.
I have a couple of options im looking at, and it would be super helpful if anyone could chime in with experience with the el santo, or just a similiar scenario that im in.

So, with my ala carte setup as a durable all weather beast (coil vanillas, cable discs, no fancy carbon), im looking at running it singlespeed, for the majority of the trails close to me (melbourne, aus) dont have masses of climbing/descending so i could shave a bit of weight and keep this bike as durable as possible.

However, the majority of my riding is XC/all mountain, with enduros, xc racing (not dead serious stuff), the usual.
Before my ala carte, i was riding an 04 GT idrive 1.0, which was a stellar bike, a bit heavy, but very fun and helped progress my technical ability to no end.
So one choice would be to add a GT Idrive 5 1.0 to my stable, durable 5.5 inches of travel and probably enough bike for me to light freeride on.
By the way, i weigh around 68kg, and am not a parts breaker.

The dilema though is i love salsa so much, and i really like the el santo.
What id really like to know, is the el santo too XC and not enough All Mountain?
with a sensible build of fox forks, 2.3inch tyres and reasonably beefy wheels, is this bike going to be tough enough?

What about any input as far as the el santo vs bikes like the Yeti 575, giant trance, spec stumpjumper etc, any sort of 4-5 inch trail bikes?

Im looking for a bike that is going to be able to tackle most terrain, i dont do jumping, but i like to hang it out on the descents and the idea of an FS over my ala carte is so that i can really roost steep uphills and flow downhills.

So, what do you guys reckon??

Sorry if this is a pretty long-winded question, but let me know what you think,