• 09-07-2016
    Eastern Woods Research Bikes - What Happened/ Where Are They?
    Whatever happened to Eastern Woods Research bikes?
    The website is still up , but there is no email link.
    There is talk on the website of a relaunch but nothing
    so far as details.
    I would think with the resurgence of Fat Chance bikes
    and John Parker (underground bikes) there would be interest
    in EWR relaunching a frame or two. Their 29er frame and
    maybe add a 27.5 frame in their classic frame style with
    new geometry.
    I for one would purchase one. I live on the east coast.
    as stories dictate, would make a great single track bike.
    Any body else want to see them back.
    Lets see your EWR bikes.
  • 05-25-2017
    Bringing this back from near death. Was just on their site now, wondering the same as you....
  • 05-23-2019
  • 05-31-2019
    Look for jay Dejesus on social media. Itís his company. Think he still lives in PA. My cousin has an old 26er thatís great. Used to see jay back when the festival was at Mauch chunk lake park near Jim Thorpe PA. Great bikes and geo for that time. I search for used ones but never find them. Plus steel is real.
  • 06-04-2019
    Good advice, thanks!
  • 04-18-2020
    Used one on eBay right now.