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    New question here. Dos Niner vs. Zion 737?

    Hi Folks--

    First time poster, long time lurker. Looking for input, insight, observations, etc.

    I've been riding a 2006 Dos Niner for awhile. I'm finding it flexy for my tastes...not too bad, but just not for me.

    Anyway, I just ordered a Zion 737. I've owned steel before, but never 4130. The Zion was priced right. However, I'm nervous a little about the build quality (I don't care if the welds look great, I just want the frame to be reliable, strong and stiffer then Scandium). Any thoughts? Any things I should be aware of?

    Do you think the 737 will be stiffer than the Dos Niner? What ride characteristics will be better? Worse?

    Is Reynolds 853 really that much better than 4130 (to justify the cost?)

    I ride about 4,000 miles a year on my MTB. Upper Midwest singletrack. I'll build the Zion with a Reba SL, King and Delgado race wheelset, LX/XT stuff.

    Whaddya think? Thanks in advance. Oh yeah, if you are intersted in the Dos Niner, let me know...I'm letting it go for a reasonable price/trade.

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    Welcome to the forums!

    I'd imagine the 737 would be a lot stiffer than the dos niner since the dos is a soft tail. I honestly can't comment on the 737 build since I don't own one, but I do have a 660 that I've been riding for the last 7 months. To me, the build quality fine. The welds are good and the frame is neither overly flexy nor overly stiff. It's just right for me.

    I do know of 2 issues with the 737. The 1st issue is the motion control knob has a clearance issue with the reba and certain headsets on the 737. The solution is to use a thinker headset like the crane creek S3 +5, it's made just for this kind of thing. It has a 5mm thinker bottom cup than the normal S3. I actually have this issue with my 660. The second issue is how close the rear tire comes to the seat tube. Some tire and front derailleur combos will have clearance problems. Read this tread on it;

    I'm no metal expert, but personally, I can't tell the difference between a frame made from Reynolds or a frame from 4130. They both feel like steel to me. I really think it all comes down to the build, ya know, tubing thickness and all. A good steel frame should feel supple but not overly flexy.

    Anyway, that's my 2 cents. Good luck with your build and post some pictures if you get a chance. -Mark

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    Yeah if you want to compare apples to apples, the mariachi frame might be better than the soft tail dos niner. I was torn between getting a salsa el mariachi pro kit from full cycles. It was comparably priced to the zion jenson buildup but, the salsa was single 1x9 drivetrain and I knew I wanted something that would climb. Sure I could have added a triple crank, front derailleur, and front shifter, but by then I'd be up near 1800-1900 bucks.

    I got all the parts I wanted from jenson and I'm super pleased so far. Frames have a lifetime warranty and they haven't had anyone break one yet, last I talked to them.

    Salsa or Zion, you have two good choices, you really can't go wrong with either, but you'll get a little more bang for your buck with the Zion.

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    Thanks for the replies...

    I'm feeling more confident about the Zion now. I think it truly will be a "bang for the buck" frame. Thanks again!

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