Do I need custom???-
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    Do I need custom???

    I'm 6 foot 2 with a 36 inch inseam. I have a short torso. With my current bike, i have my seat about 4-5 inches above the bars, with about 35mm of spacers under the bars. If I get a tall enough frame, it's way too long. Any off the shelf brands that may cater to a wierdo like me? Should I drop the coin on a sycip or IF?

    What would I need to know to order a custom bike?


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    Go up to the 29er forum and start searching around, custon is great but it is not a must.
    If you decide to go custom make a list of builders you like and start working the phone, talk to then see who you like the most and get it going, some are going to ask you a lot of questions and by doing that make you think and then you see where it takes you.
    Go to the 29er forum even if you want to stick to the 26" (??), you will find way more info on that forum when it come to custom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mastercycleman
    What would I need to know to order a custom bike?
    Theres a misconception that you need to know a whole bunch before you consider ordering a custom bike, when the reality is that you need to know three things :

    1) I can afford one
    2) I know what type of frame I want (road, mtb, 'cross, etc.)
    3) I know how to use the Interweb and the Yellow Pages

    Any custom bike company worth anything, can - through asking the right questions and actually taking the time to get to know you - answer all of the other questions you might have.

    You don't have to know the UTS of Columbus Zona, or know how many fingers I'm currently holding up. You just have to know that you want a custom bike and start a search for a company that you can relate too.

    I will profess though that despite this, it is a bit of a mindfield, so if you have any questions (obligation free) feel free to drop me a PM.
    No longer member of the bike industry nor society, so don't hassle me.

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    check out

    The Dos Niner has a pretty short TT for it's L and XL sizes, and I've seen the Sibex Ti bikes are really short in the TT.

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