dhx 5.0 set up for my evo

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  • 08-28-2007
    dhx 5.0 set up for my evo

    Next week i will get my Evo and I have some doubts about the shock Fox DHX 5.0 air set up.
    Watching Fox's web it says never to use the shock with more than 200 psi in the main chamber and in the boost more than 125 psi.

    Now, in the Santa Cruz web you can see the recommendation for this shock set up for different bikes that go up to 270 psi for the main and for the boost 175 psi in the case of the VP Free.

    I weight 280 lbs and if i follow the weight chart of SC I should use 250-150 psi that exceeds both Fox maximum.

    Please help. I don't want to ruin my new shock.

  • 08-28-2007
    DHX A Set Up Tips
    Step 1 - Remove DHX Air
    Step 2 - Sell online
    Step 3 - Buy DHX Coil
    Step 4 - Install DHX Coil
    Step 5 - Ride and smile :thumbsup:

    Ok, seriously, maybe Chumba can do a swap before your frame is shipped out?
  • 08-28-2007
    Scruffy is right on this one.

    At your weight there is NO WAY I would run the DHX air...especially with the 3:1 leverage ratio of the EVO.

    You'll be better off with a coil. Call Alan at Chumba and ask if they can throw a coil on it for you.

    edit: Also, the numbers you get from SC for the VP Free will be different for the numbers you'd need for the EVO...different leverage ratios and suspension curves.

    edit #2: One more thing...the DHXair is available with 3 different air canisters...all of which would need different numbers. I believe the VP Free and EVO use different canisters...making number comparison even more difficult.
  • 08-28-2007
    Coil all the way.

    Take a look at the Marz Roccos as well.
  • 08-28-2007

    Originally Posted by geolover
    ...especially with the 3:1 leverage ratio of the EVO.


    280 pounds and 3 to 1 leverage ratio is going to suck balls. doesn't matter what shock you use. I'm not even sure you'll be able to find a coil big enough.

    cancel the order. the XCL might be OK.

    I hate pimping other bands...but

    I would recomend a titus supermoto, with the cofin rocker option set to 6 inch mode you'll get a 2.1 to 1 leverage ratio. I used to be 275lbs and that is what I got and it worked great.
  • 08-31-2007
    Bottom Out Reservoir Pressure
    If you'll check out the FOX manual for the DHX AIR you will notice that the 125 PSI maximum setting for the reservoir applies only to when you are adjusting the
    Bottom-Out Resistance knob. Otherwise you can have up to 200 PSI in the reservoir.

    "Bottom-out resistance affects the final part of the compression stroke. Bottom-out should be adjusted with a maximum of 125 psi in the Boost Valve. The knob can be turned by hand or with a 4mm hex key inserted into one of the holes around the perimeter. Do not use any other tool to turn the knob—a 4mm (or 5/32”) hex key only!

    Turn the knob all the way clockwise for the most bottom-out resistance and counter-clockwise for the least. There are three (3) rotations of adjustment and three (3) corresponding adjustment indicator lines on the reservoir.

    Never ride your bike with more than 200 PSI or less than 75 PSI in the reservoir air chamber. Doing so can damage your shock and require repairs that are NOT covered under warranty."