I have decided to make a bike again out of the Dean Ace frame I have. I have detached the seatstays from the shock link and I wasn't able to detached the other end from the chainstays. The reason I wanted to do this is because these 2 little pivots are far from smooth. After removing the bolts, I could see that there are 2 metal tubes inserted in there, so even if you remove the bolts, everything stays in place. But I can't remove them, detached everything, see how it's built and service the thing.

Then, I moved to the BB pivot. I released the two bolts clamping the chainstays to the BB. To rotate the pivot, I had to screw in a bearing cup, then use the bearing cup tool to have enough for to turn it. It's grinding and very rough. Placing a piece of wood over the bearing, I hammered a little bit to see if the pivot could slide out. I didn't insisted and nothing moved.

These issues and the shock eyelets bushings puts an insane amount of friction in the system.

Can anyone explain how this BB pivot is built? Also, based on your experience, what could/should I do to make things smooth again?