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    Is Custom worth the $$$$?

    I really, really like a Moots Uno. For some time I have really wanted to build a sweet Ti Bike. I ride mostly SS and the Uno uses Paragon Dropouts so I running a derailler at some point is not out of the question.

    Of course Moots offers the stock frame sizing and the 17 inch frame mirrors the geometry of my current ride.

    I guess what I really would like to know is how the custom frame "felt" to you, especially if you were riding a bike that you felt "fit" you. I have ridden many bikes over the years but they always been "stock" Is a custom frame worth the cost? If you have ordered a custom frame, would you do it again?
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    best frame I have ever rode and it's Ti.

    if I was going to afford to do it again, I'd be calling up Kent Eriksen.
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    i'd say it depends.... the extra $$ VS your need for geometry tweaks. if you think your current frame isn't optimized for your body, and that your next frame will be a lifelong investment, i'd suggest using a fit-program and go custom. especially if it's your first custom, it's critical to seek expert advice.

    interestingly, many pro-riders use stock bikes without problems. as we know our bodies are highly adaptable so unless you have 'abnormal' physique, stock frames shd suffice. BUT having the cash and option, why not go custom? it's not just about the geometry, u can also add neat little features like diff dropouts, cable routing, tube size/shape? selection, addtional cage bolts etc. it's like a 1 and only frame in the world just for you. As most custom owners will agree, if u get it right, that frame will be the most comfortable/confidece-inspiring/fastest etc etc....

    not to diss Moots, but i feel that for the price they charge, custom option shd be free. take Strong, Serrota, Dean, IF, Kish and Thylacine for example. main custom options/geometry are free, maybe some additional for fancy dropouts/ rohloff etc. I don't know how much additonal Moots charges for custom, but total shd be a hefty sum considering the original cost of a stock frame. this is one thing i don't quite like, same applies for Litespeed and Merlin.

    if you must stick to moots, then weigh the money against the need. but if you do go custom for the first time, do ask around/research a whole lot more before taking the plunge. and while at it, weigh moots against Kent Eriksen... c'mon you know what u REALLY want...

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    Don't forget 7!

    I love my custom Seven Verve single speed.

    I own 2 custom Seven bikes and I have sold more than 100.

    They offer the most detailed custom bike for the money that I have come across. They do more custom TI than any other builder.

    Here are some things that they customized for my Verve:

    Headshok Compatible Steerer tube (Yep got a Headshock and love it)
    Ecentric BB
    Der Hanger and Cable stops (In case I ever wanted to run gears) (Have not yet)
    Tubing Diameter
    Tubing Wall thickness
    Pink Decals
    More for sure..

    These guys do a very detailed build.. (Nothing against moots or the others mentioned.)

    They take into account:

    Your body dimensions
    your current bike setup (geometry as well as actual rider positioning)
    your age
    Your flexibilty
    Your cycling goals
    Bar choice
    Saddle choice
    Pedal choice

    In my experience I have found thay no 2 sevens are the same. Even if you and I are built the same our bikes would ride very differently. Our riding "personality" is taken into account and it shows in the ride.

    They also can do couplers which can make a bike into a folding bike... This would be great for traveling.

    For all this they are still very competitive or even cheaper when you do a true comparison of the the "extras" that others charge for.

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    I've owned Seven custom, and recently built a Strong custom, and my advice FWIW would be to go to a smaller builder if you want custom. My experience is you'll get better service and a better price, since the little guys don't have alot of overhead like marketing, advertising, etc built into their pricing. Strong as mentioned before, DeSalvo, Blacksheep are good options. Also - the price of ti has gone through the roof recently. Not sure if it will continue to go up, but would seem like buying ti now would be buying at a peak.

    Edit - regarding is custom worth it... I've owned 2 custom and numerous non-custom, and the answer is it depends. When I built my first custom I hadn't completely nailed down the fit I like, and went with the builder's recommendation, and honestly they were close, but after a while I realized I liked a longer top tube, taller head tube. After that bike - I got a Turner stock frame that fit me perfectly - but I knew exactly what I was looking for at that point. Since built another custom...
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    yes, custom is worth the money. yes, I'd do it again. would I probably fit just fine on a "stock" bike with the same dimensions? yes also. is my custom bike absolutely perfect in every way for every imaginable situation? no. there are always compromises made in one direction or another. pick a company or builder you like, support them by giving them your money, and ride the snot out of the bike they sell to you. wash, dry, repeat.

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    Up until my current bike, all of the past bikes I've owned were non custom. I am now a firm believer after getting my first custom bike. Not that there is anything wrong with a non custom frame, it's just that the custom takes it to another level. The fit is just "right" and I just feel better on the bike. Sure there are standard frames that will fit you, but probably not as well as a frame that was made just for you. I have a singlespeed and now I've ordered a geared as well. Now that I've gone custom, it's going to tough to go back to stock sizes. The fit combined with the personal interaction with the builder makes for a bike with some seriously good juju.

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