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    custom frames - how do you...

    so we ( wife and i ) finally decided to get custom steel frames, from Carl Strong.

    in my research i have seen some pretty sweet paint jobs, singe color, multi color, crazy graphics, etc. on one hand i want to go simple without flashy decals or graphics, on the other i think if i am coughing up the cash for a custom i may as well go crazy and get something wild.

    how did you all go about picking colors for your bikes?

    as far as components go, i have been riding for over 10 years and used my fair share of components but picking an entire build kit is crazy! i have usually just replaced one or two things at a time on a bike but never had to think of EVERYTHING at once.

    our frames will be:
    for me ( 6'2" 195 lbs ): 29er, singlespeed ( paragon dropouts with der. hanger ) at first with ability to run gears ( for when i get old and cry for gears ). 80-110mm travel fork, prefer lockout

    for her ( 5'8" 125 lbs ): geared 26er ( maybe 29er, she has to decide ). 80-110mm travel fork.

    as far as riding goes, we spend most of our time in Minnesota. Vacations include Moab, Tennesee, Colorado, Whistler, etc. I love technical trails with rocks, roots, small-medium drops and jumps, no monster drops on our XC bikes, we rent FS for that.

    feel free to post up suggestions for build kits. we are trying to keep the build kit with fork and wheels < $2000 for each bike.

    this custom build process is pretty darn fun. i think it might be just as addictive as riding! i look forward to your suggestions.


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    For color suggestions, go to the various custom builder sites and check out their galleries. IF has some nice pix to give you ideas.
    As for build kits, why don't you do what I did when I built my custom steel Sycip.
    Buy each part individually. That way, you get the best (or at least your favorite) part for each component.
    Here's a start:
    Seat Post and Stem- Thomson (is there another brand for these parts?)
    Wheels- Call Dave Thomas at Dave's Speed Dream Wheels
    Fork- If you're going rigid, look at Vicious, Pace, and specially DeKerf
    Brakes- Avid Mechanical
    Other than that, have fun with all the other parts.
    Let us see the finished product.

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    Good choice on builder.

    Goto for some ideas
    Grand claims demand grand proof.

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    Cost was a bit of a factor for me. I wanted to do a little something, but nothing crazy. So, I just used one of Carl's included colors as the basecoat and did a panel on top of that. For something crazy, you could easily be in the range of $300-$400 addditional cost..

    Ditto what HT29er said, I spent hours on Spectrum's site......even though I ended up with something simple, I had to pick the colors !

    Build kit wasn't too big of an issues as I had most of the stuff, but either way, the last 2 bikes I built were from the frame up, so I was used to picking parts and whatnot. I did spend a good bit of time wrestling with wheels and fork, other than that, I had most of the other stuff picked out really quick.

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    thanks for the responses. i have narrowed my colors to either Zesty Orange or Playboy Blue ( leaning toward orange ). The wife is still in turmoil

    xdefx, care to share a pic?

    As for build kits, we decided to spec them both out as SS for the time being.
    The main features are:
    Paragon sliding dropouts
    Reba SL Fork - 80mm
    XTR hubs with Salsa DelGado or Stans rims
    Hayes MX1 mech. brakes
    XT levers
    TruVativ SS crank
    FSA Cockpit

    I am buying all the parts from a local bike shop and we are going to assist the build when the frames get here.

    The body measurements have all been submitted to Carl, we should start design of the frames in a week or so.

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    it's here

    i ended up seeing another local rider with an orange strong frame so i opted for different colors...

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