Cube LTD Race 29 size

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  • 03-28-2013
    Cube LTD Race 29 size
    Can you please help me?

    I'm buying a new Cube LTD Race 29er, but I'm not sure what size is correct for me.

    I'm 184,5cm tall, inseam (leg) is 88,5 cm.

    Please look down at this link at geometry and recommend me something, I would like to hear different opinions. I see that Cube frames are short and tall, and that is what confuses me.

    CUBE*LTD Race 29

    Thank you!
  • 04-05-2013
    Cube LTD Race 29 size
    There's a really detailed fitting guide on their website, if you have a bit of a poke around.

    Though of course the standard advice is to demo a couple of different sizes, impractical though this is for anything but the very biggest-brand bikes.