• 12-31-2007
    Convertible Black Sheep in steetfighter trim
    Just thought I would post a few pics of my new (to me) scruffy ti framed Black Sheep in street fighter trim. It was set-up as an ENO SS when I got it, and I had a few 7spd parts laying around and with the help of an N-Gear jump stop, and a set of avocet 1.5 fat-boys, the transition is complete. It rides great, and the nice thing is that its easy to return to SS trim whenever I choose. Certainly not the beautiful Black Sheeps you see posted all of the time, but this little bugger really handles like lightning...better than the the Bontrager ti-lite it replaced, and at 19lbs (SS or geared) a lot lighter. I think I will keep him war scrapes and all! ;)