• 04-08-2007
    Comparing the 06 and 07 EVO side by side...
    ...with my favorite bike; Ventana El Terremoto.

    Ok, I built up my Terremoto a little over a week ago, and I love it. It's truly a bike that I can put in 30 + off road miles on here in CO, and it can actually handle the technical nature of our trails. (More rocky: some ledgey, some jagged, some of both, not too rooty here on the Front Range, but there are more in the mtns) Anyways, being some of Ventana's biggest fans, we (Alpha Bicycle Company, Denver) sought out another quality custom bike builder that we could bring into our shop and keep intimate. ("intimate"= have a couple of demos on hand and limited inventory, but build up to one's dreams) We were also seeking top level customer service as we are simply an extension of the frame manufacturer and if problems arise, we want them taken care of right away. We're small and everything for us is our reputation and service. So, this brought us to Chumba. I researched them and their rep in the industry was solid, and Ted's craftsmanship is top notch. Couple that with the fact that the EVO is a 6 inch "trailbike", and can be built to be ridden around the foothill trails during the week, and then taken to the resorts for lift serviced, or shuttling assaults on the weekend. Ahhh...a true "do it all" mtb for our customers. Now, we've got the 06 version with the slacker seat angles, and the 07 version with the adjustments. We're going to put them side by side and test them, and then compare them to the Ventana El Terremoto, and the Maverick ML8, which we also have. I'll post pics of all 3 this week and then we'll check the specs before we do the ride reports.
  • 04-08-2007
    WWWWOOOOOO............Can't wait!!!!!!!

    Could you please find some kindness in your heart and speed up the process? :yesnod:

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    EVO Pic
    Here's the initial build: (this will change considerably as my wheels are not built yet and the shock needs to be replaced for my big arse)

    Fox 36 Talas
    Race Face Atlas 180m
    XO Rear
    E type front
    Hayes El Camino (8" rotors)
    X9 shifters
    Spinergy FR Wheelset (building DT Swiss 5.1 w/King or Hadley Hubs)
    Thomson Stem 90 m 10 deg
    Azonic WF 28" bar
    Bontrager King Earl Post (this will more than likely change as well)
    WTB Seat
    pedals will change to Time as well
    Switching to coil shock (Roco, Cane Creek, or DHX 5.0)
    Kenda Blue Groove Fr/ Nevegal R 2.5 (These will change to 2.35's as well)

    First impressions: The SA and the long rocker arm create a lot of shock compression. Mostly due to me being 250 lbs, but we've got the DHX Air at 265lbs and one of our 170 lbers had over 2" of sag. The other problem I've got to deal with is the tire clearance in the rear...my 2.5 had to be deflated to fit, and it does fit, but there's limited room. (I'll post pics of that later)

    The seat angle doesn't bother me. The 36 dropped down 1" puts me right where I want to be. I like a lighter front end anyways. No trail time yet, but I'll post that this week. I'm going to try and do at least 7,000 feet on her this week, weather permitting. My goal here is to get the best setup for this bike so that it accomodates both climbing, and descending. I'll post some first ride reports tomorrow.
  • 04-08-2007
    WOW that's a very nice looking build already. The Spinergy wheels looks pretty pimp and "suppose" to be lighter than traditional wheels you are changing to, it'd be nice if you can tell us if you can tell the difference.

    Oh I would only switch out the rear to 2.35 or 2.2 for climbing, and leave the 2.5 up front to get good cornering and breaking traction. I alway run different tire front and back kinda like the race cars(I would like to think I'm fast) and don't like my front wheel get loose....just me.

    I'm 210ish and I run up to 280psi in my rear shock, the max is 300psi...I think. When I run 280 or at least that's what my pump tells me I get about 1.5-2 inch sag. But I have since backed it down to 250 because the was a little too firm for me, now I have just over 2 inches or close to 2.5 and it's quite plush. Once I forgot to pump the reservoir chamber to the recommended pressure; OMG is the EVO plush and still climbed pretty well.

    I'm in search of a good rear shock replacement myself and the Roco seems very promising and won't break the bank like the twin barrel.

    Please keep us abreast of your progress! :thumbsup:
  • 04-09-2007
    Cool PattD, looking forward to your thoughts regarding all the bikes mentioned. Im on a Turner RFX now, no complaints what-so-ever but I have been thinking about a new Terremoto for this year as well as one of Teds beauties. Ive known Ted for sometime and he loves to ride and create fine bikes, on the other hand, I like what Sherwood is doing this year, stepping out of the safe zone and creating new bikes.
  • 04-09-2007
    looking forward to your continuing report, good stuff. I run 230 - 240 w/ gear, and am seriously considering the dhx coil, so I'll be particularly interested in that aspect of your build.
    I like the spinergy wheels, they look sick!
  • 04-09-2007
    looking forward to a ride report and comparison of all three. can you get us some numbers too like headtube/seattube angles, effective tt, and bb height. the evo is stepping up into my list this year competing with the teremoto and nicolai
  • 04-09-2007
    Today: Monday 9th
    Too muddy for a full blown ride, so hit 20 miles on the SS and then did some pedaling tests on the road w/the EVO.

    I'm not going to tell you anything most of you don't already know, but this bike is plush and so far does pedal well. I'm a big fan of watching the actuation of the shock movement while riding just to see how it's working, and even though I'm pushing the envelope on the DHX Air, it seems to work well.

    The numbers are odd at first glance: 21+ " TT, but 24" ETT at my seat height. My seat sits higher above the bars than normal, but it still feels normal to me. Not sure why, but it feels good. The seat angle is running roughly 60deg(?) and the head angle is hitting right around the claimed 68.5 (I used my avalance slopeometer...the shop is closed on Mondays, so I improvised) I'll confirm later. There is over 14" of BB height. The short TT, the progressive seat angle, slack HA, and the high BB would make one think right away that this bike is built a lot like a Moose...kinda burly and gangly at the same time. But again, this is a first impression and not on trail, it feels pretty good. I did do some fast shots on a set of stairs that are about 6 feet high and it flows well. No issues with lateral stiffness and the bike has an inate ability to maneuver the front end...which I prefer, but some people still like the old fashiond xc flat back fit. THis bike is not for you if that's the case.

    The one other thing I will say up front is that I'd probably steer a taller customer away from this bike if they want to use it as an AM machine. I'm about maxed out with the seat height you see in the picture...too much higher and I think just about anyone would be too far back. (I'm roughly 6'1" w/32" inseam) However, the seat position does not feel out of whack...it's a tad further back than the El Terremoto, but it's very manageable and anyone could get used to it. (keep in mind, this is still the 06 model I'm talking about..the 07 won't be built up for a week or so)

    I'm pretty used to running 2.5 front, and 2.35 rear, so that will more than likely be my final combo. As for the Spinergys, the verdict is still out. I've had them for a couple of years and spun the pawls out of the freehub the first ride, sent it out to get replaced, and have used them sparingly since. They did survive a 6 foot drop to flat (my rear chainstays didn't), so it was either a fluke, or the PBO fiber spokes do absorb and transfer energy away from the rim. I need to get the stickers off of them..for some reason I like the high black sidewalls and imagine they'll look better without all the flash. The white spokes are flashy enough.

    I have a DHX 5.0 now that I might add tomorrow if I can't dial in the Air by the time I ride.

    The other bikes:

    I've been on the ML8 and the 6" X5 for a couple of seasons now, so I'm really familiar with there characterstics, but I've only gotten 5 rides on the El Terremoto at this point and of the bikes I've ridden, it's by far my favorite. I'll try and compare each ride with how the other bikes handled on that same course.
  • 04-10-2007
    thanks so much taking the measurements and for a great write up. I am surprised that a 2.5" wont fit or has trouble in the back. The numbers look different but that is just the short seat tube with as slack angle. I am looking forward to riding on this summer.
  • 04-10-2007
    I was suprised too...
    ...but it is tight. Someday I'll get pics.
  • 04-10-2007
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    I know why I felt comfortable on the med/lg 06
    The HA and SA are pretty much identicle to my ML8. Take a look at this. I've been fortunate enough to custom tune the Mav's Mono shock with oil weight...it's the most simplistic shock on the market. Just a big air chamber, and then oil weight. But, I never realized how slack the SA was, I just rode the crap out of the bike...this is my 2nd ML8.

    I'm feeling better and better about the Chumba ever day.

    The TT is 22" (1/2 short of the EVO) and the ETT is again 24"...so the setup is good.

    Here' s what's got me feeling good. THe Mav is an all day AM bike...29lbs, 6" back and front...but the wheelbase is long making it very stable at speed, but just like long skis, you payback a little in the "flickable" dept. We felt like Maverick's new Durance was the perfect blend, because a shorter wheel base made the bike just a hair more maneuverable...yep, you guessed it, just like the EVO. The ML8 measures 44.5" axle to axle, the Durance 43.5", and the EVO 42.5". So, if we can get the "perfect fit" here, this could be the most moveable bike of the bunch. (The Terremoto is at home and the X5 is broken down to the frame only..so no measurements there.)

    X5's TT is 23 w/ad ETT of 23.9"...the Terremoto is almost identicle.

    07 EVO sm/med measurements:

    21" TT...looks like max of about 23" ETT.

    SA is roughly 1 deg steeper..maybe a tad more than that. My measureing tool is too broad, but it's under 2 deg, but more than one steeper.

    I'd put someone up to 5'10" on this bike if we could get the fit right, but the med/lg is actually good for someone 5'9" ish to about 6'1". The good news is that we are talking about the majority of people out there.
  • 04-10-2007
    It depends on the tire. I've got some michelin 2.5's on mine and it fits fine. The outside lugs rub the yoke a little when I take the rear wheel on or off, but a good tug or shove slides it right through. There's plenty of clearance once the tire is inside the yoke.
  • 04-10-2007
    Sorry, posted under Matt's login
    :) If you look at the pics, you can tell the dramatic SA on the Maverick's.
  • 04-10-2007
    1st off road ride on 06 geometry
    I like the SA. I dropped the seat down and hit my secret light freeride area today; lots of 2 and 3' drops, rocky and ledgy chutes, and somewhat off camber jagged rock sections. Mostly played around to get the feel, but unless you are a total XC person, you'll like the way this bike rides. It actually climbs well...no extended climbs, but plenty of short technical ups and some steep out of the saddle sprints..it does suprisingly well.

    I hit a handful of different types of 3' drops and the bikes handles it well whether I dropped to flat, I dropped off front wheel first, or wheelie dropped it. The one thing I can see as an issue is finding that balance of what you can't do and what you can do..this bike can handle it, it's more a matter of what the rider can handle. Until tomorrow.....
  • 04-11-2007
    I think you'll start noticeably hitting the bottom of that dhx air around 5' to flat, or 5' to anything but a nice tranny landing. I don't feel like I bottom out hard often, but bottom out I do.
    I agree with you on the SA of the '06, I've never been uncomfortable climbing, and it's awesome for the downs. Looking forward to hearing your comparisons of the two shocks and of the '06 Vs '07 geometries. Thanks again for doing these write-ups.
  • 04-12-2007
    Wed's ride on the 06
    Well, now I've got some real trail time in the saddle and I really like this bike. There are a few issues though that I'll bring to light:

    1. The compression/leverage ratio with the SA disallows me to use an air shock. So far I can't dial in the shock...I'm at a weird point between too harsh and too soft. I'm going to try a coil shock soon. (So, this is more particular to me due to my weight) I'm going to say that anyone under 210 lbs will love the bike with the DHX Air on it.

    2. Seat Stays Rubbing my heals: Again, this is more personal since I have a size 47 shoe. When I get lazy on my pedal revolutions, my knees flail out and my heals drift in..so this might not be a problem with others. It's not really that big a deal for me, but figured I'd mention it.

    3. HA...with the setback of the seat and SA, and the HA being somewhat slack...the bike even with a Fox Talas 36 dropped 2" tends to drift. I think the Marz with ETA drops lower, so it might make a tad bit of a difference.

    Now, since I'm an optimist, I'll end the review with the positives:

    1. Soooo plus! This may be one of the best pedaling plush bikes I've been on. I personally think it is comfortable. Most would complain about the position of the seat, but I just like to survive the climbs, and then nail the descents...and this bike does it perfectly.

    2. It can climb. While there are issues with the HA/SA combo and front end drifting...the suspension really works well. From the reviews that I've read, I think many people review this bike like it's supposed to be a XC bike. It's hard for anyone my size to really get a true AM ride. This bike can be built at 32lbs or so and ridden all over the mountain...which in my book means AM. This bike is a Moab/Fruita bike for sure; ride all over...do some moderate drops, hit the rocky chutes, and even climb. I would think that anyone in the west coast would love this bike as it can be spun up a long fire road and then railed down the singletrack.

    3. Very maneuverable! The short TT and the moderate wheelbase allow this bike to be handled well going down. I've been able to shift the bike from one side of the trail to the other in technical situations quickly to gain a new line. That I like.

    4. Cornering: The high bottom bracket takes some getting used to. You have to trust the bikes ability to hold a corner and rail because it takes more "angulation" to bring the bike around the turns. In other words, lean man, lean, and the bike will shoot right around the turns. If you don't trust the bike, you'll shoot off the turn and loose the bite on the trail. But if you have rocks, logs, or drops, the higher bb is a good thing.

    5. Lateral rigidity: The bike tracks well...that beefy rear end does a good job of staying on line.

    Well, that's it for a while. We're building the 07 next week and we're getting over a foot of snow...so riding's out for a week or so. Until later. Keep the EVO in your plans if you are thinking of a new bike....I don't think you'll be disappointed if you know going in what you are getting; expect the relaxed fit, a lot of plushness, and the ability to ride right through stuff.
  • 04-12-2007
    You have a great set up. Let me know how you like the new shock. The coil is the way to go.
    That bike can take anything . It looks so well built . I would race DH on it . I will do some testing with other shocks to see if we can offer other options. I can be a little tough on bikes at times . Feel free to write me for updates.
  • 04-12-2007
    According to Marzocchi's website, they have a Roco TST R in a 200mm (7.875) x 50mm (2.0) config, but I can't seem to find any place that sells that size. Are they OEM only perhaps? I only weigh 175, but I wanted to give that a try :)
  • 04-12-2007
    Sounds like a great shock I will be testing them soon.
  • 04-13-2007
    I answered your PM's prior to reading this post. If you can get the Roco in the right size..I'll call you and order one today and we can review that as well.

    Thanks, Patt
  • 05-10-2007
    Just curious how the testing is going.
  • 05-11-2007
    Still riding great!
    I'm probably more in to the long term aspect of durability at this point. My initial observations were spot on. I have a handful of different bikes, so I only get the chance to ride this one once a week or so> Actually, I haven't been on this particular bike in several weeks. Maybe this weekend. Once we get the 07 up and rolling, I'll be able to get more technical. Hopefully soon!
  • 03-03-2009
    What happened to comparing the 06 to the 07 EVO thread
    I was just reading the thread and it abrutly ended. I'd love to get your feedback on the 07 model.