Chumba XCL sizing

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  • 01-26-2008
    Chumba XCL sizing
    I am 6' and I am wondering what size would be best for an XCL - M or L. The web-site references a medium. For those of you who are 6' with an XCL what size did you pick?

    Thanks in advance.
  • 01-26-2008
    im 6'' and ride a large, but I have a 70 mm stem on it. I could easily see riding a med. but I like short stems for descending the steeps. I also run a 160 mm front fork . Lots o fun. If you ride lots of tight switch backs and singletrack the med will quick in the turns, but the lrge will be more stable on fast wide open balls out descents. good luck
  • 01-26-2008
    Ricky D
    I'm 6' 0" and I ride the medium. My inseam is 32" and I just dropped down from a 110mm to a 90mm stem. The fit is perfect for me and the dimensions are almost identical to my old Dakar XLT size large (19"). I don't think I would like the longer frame as the current one feels very nimble with no loss of comfort. I've ridden up to three hours on one ride with no back pain or problems. Good luck. :thumbsup:
  • 01-26-2008
    Could go either way

    Originally Posted by JTBAZ
    I am 6' and I am wondering what size would be best for an XCL - M or L. The web-site references a medium. For those of you who are 6' with an XCL what size did you pick?

    You could go either way, it depends on your style. As noted, wheelbase will be shorter with medium with its pros and cons.

    Rider position will be affected because of the longer top tube on the large. If you like to be "stretched out over the bike" or ride lower in front, you will like the large. More of a racer/XC fit. On the other hand, if you like a more upright riding position, do more freeride/DH/big air style, you will probably like the medium.
  • 01-27-2008
    Merrimack Dave
    I'm 6' and I went with the medium. My last bike was a large, about the same size as a large XCL, and it was too big for me. I always felt stretched out, even with a short stem.

    The medium XCL is perfect.:thumbsup:
  • 02-08-2008
    I'm also 6', but I went with the large. I wasn't able to try on for size 1st, so I compared the measurements to my old large '05 Stumpjumper. The large XCL measurements were virtually the same as the large Stumpie, in fact the top tube was slightly shorter if I recall, so that made my decision for me. I much prefer a more stretched out XC position, but I wouldnt call my position on the large XCL really all that stretched out, its still very comfortable for me. Good luck.
  • 05-04-2008
    Swapped to a medium
    Further to my last post, just a heads up that I swapped the XCL frame out to a medium. The large was too unwieldy (I'm 6'0") and felt completely wrong. I am now running a 110 mm zero rise stem on the medium XC and it fits perfectly for the cross-country oriented trail riding I do.
  • 05-05-2008
  • 05-05-2008
    6 feet tall, 30" inseam.. medium is perfect.
  • 05-14-2008
    I have a large, I'm 5'11", and think it fits just right, but probably couold have gone with a med with a longer stem also. The main difference between the large and the med is the med has a little more standover clearance. I got the large cause I wanted that extra half inch of top tube as I have a longish torso and on all my bikes have had my top tubes around 24"