• 10-31-2016
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    Chumba XCL Left Hand Threaded Pivot Bolt...Help!
    I know this is a long shot and I decided to put this post here since the Chumba forum is now defunct.

    I have a circa 2008 Chumba XCL, the drive side bottom bracket pivot bolt is known to snap in two and is a non standard left hand threaded bolt. Well mind finally broke and the new owners of Chumba won't sell me the bolt without buying the entire pivot bolt kit for $90! They say that they order the kits complete and can't split them up.

    I am seeing if there are any ex Chumba XCL owners out there who may happen to have an extra left and thread pivot bolt that they would like to sell.

    I can find a random bolt on ebay that will most likely work, but i wanted to make a last ditch effort to find the actual replacement part. Thanks in advance for any help.

    FYI the bolt is an M8 1.25P 23L stainless, left hand thread bolt.

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  • 03-14-2017
    Email the new company, they are awesome people. I know they've tried to clear the old stock out and everything might be gone now, but they had whatever was left from the original company and are happy to help if at possible.