• 08-06-2008
    Chumba demo bikes in SF bay area?
    XCL or Evo? XCL or Evo? I can go back and forth in my head with that question forever. I need to ride them to decide! I need to find out how much of a drawback the high standover of the Evo really is. That's probably the only thing I'm worried about. The weight i can deal with (rode a 38lb Stinky for a while as my only bike).

    On the other hand, if the XCL feels slack enough up front... nah, I need a bike park bike:D Wouldn't want to put that baby through that kind of abuse even if it's occassional only.

    Need to ride an Evo. The colors look killer too. I'm thinking Green or Orange. Looks good in pictures:D .
  • 08-09-2008
    Headed that way in two weeks. Call into the Company for dates etc.
  • 08-11-2008
    Awesome! I hope it's weekend or a wednesday :)