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  • 02-05-2005
  • 02-07-2005
    Wish I Were Riding
    Nice bike! How much did it run you for the frame, and how do you contact the builder???

  • 02-08-2005
    I forgot what the final tally was............but Steve really spent some time hashing out the Stainless Steel cable guides and i wouldnt let him rest until it was nailed whatever i ended up paying was probably too little.

    I ended up getting it sent out to Steves powdercoater and he did some one off stuff like the stainless cable guides as well as brazing on some stainless to the disc mounts as there were upcharges to basic frame costs. For a reference on buddy who rides a 2k frame Custom SEVEN Ti had a spin on the bike and couldnt believe how fast it was. I could tell the look on his face was........"****- properly built steel is sick".

    Your best bet is to contact Steve directly and query " bystickel" in the forums for some other posts that have his contact info as well as some other great pics of his work.(he is also relocating soon so maybe he will chime in with new contact info) He posts under the name D.F.L. which probably stands for something like DonewithFreeLove from his hippy southern california design days...........

    peace out, tim
  • 02-10-2005

    Thanks for posting those pics. It does look nice built up. People may not understand that builders don't always get to see the complete bike, so there's no 'closure' ; )

    To the one who asked: they start at $950 and one of these days, will actually be functional...

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  • 02-11-2005
    that's just so nice. I really like the cable guides. Great idea!
  • 02-15-2005
    Time to add a few byStickels to this thread...
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