• 04-27-2015
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    Bulls bikes are finally here!!!
    Good afternoon everyone

    Not sure if everyone heard the good news but the German bikes behind Team Bulls Germany has finally made its way into the States. The Team has won the Absa Cape Epic 3 times and has made the podium a lot more. With wins extending from the Trans Germany to the Transalp these bikes are proven that they can handle any trail or ride you can get your tires on. You can check out their website http://www.bullsbikesusa.com where they have a great range of bikes at super competitive prices. This year they are set up as e-Commerce so you can get the bikes directly through them. Website is extremely easy to navigate, whether you’re trying to find details or find the right size and bike. If you’re looking to get a premium bike check these guys out! I just picked up a BULLS Copperhead and am extremely pleased with it. Lightweight, stiff where you want it, all the technology you can expect from a high end manufacturer for an incredible price.


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  • 06-12-2015
    At what price do the come with tubeless rims?

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  • 06-12-2015
    Starting with the Copperhead series (1499 and up) is when they start coming with tubeless ready rims. All you have to do is pop the tube out, add a valve stem, and drop some sealant in there.