• 10-19-2006
    Buiding up an EVO suggestions??
    hey chumba riders

    im going to build up an evo. im 6'3" and weight 190lbs any suggestions on parts would be appreciated since im not too knowledgable about all mountain parts :rolleyes:

    thanks for your help

  • 10-19-2006
    I like the pike I have on my evo, but if I had more $cratch I'd have a lyric on there for the extra travel and the bigger stanchions. I haven't had a hard bottom out on the pike yet, but I have run through all my travel, and the bigger front end would allow me to plow through more stuff than I can now, all for a .3lb weight penalty (pike coil to lyric coil).
    I'm running holzfeller cranks with a howitzer bb. The combo isn't light, but it's not really heavy either and it is very strong. I'm a clyde so I need a strong spindle.
    The mavic crossmax xl wheels have been great so far, but I've only dropped 5' or so; not the greatest test.
    I went with the sdg i-beam setup (not the carbon fiber post) to save some weight, which it did, but I think it's very uncomfortable on long rides.
    hope that helps some.
  • 10-19-2006
    Let us know how the fit is since you're pretty tall. Seems like a lot of tall guys don't like the rear weight bias of the bike. But since you seem to be pretty DH oriented it may be advantageous for you.

    I'd look at the Lyrik or TALAS 36. Get some strong and light wheels/tires, too. It'll feel more snappy in acceleration and climbing (even though I know you don't like to climb). The DT 340s/5.1 wheels that Chumba specs are pretty sweet. WTB has some pretty nice tires for SoCal, too.

    You know what'd be really cool is if you got a custom paint job. You know, to set yourself apart from all those other Chumbas. ;)
  • 10-19-2006
    yeah thats why im gettin this bike is to try to climb a bit more and so i can join the rest of STR on the trails plus im trying to get my dad to get it so he can come join us on a few rides since hes gettin a little large lol i was thinking siince i get sun rims and intense tires to go with those which wheelsets from sun rims do u reccomend and wut tire width??
  • 10-19-2006
    i don't know the sun line, sorry.
  • 10-20-2006
    i would recommend the dt swiss 340s and a PIKE fork...maybe a Lyric for freeride use
  • 10-22-2006
    Captain Jack
    I'd use mavic 819 disc rims, Pike Forks and nice strong Race Face kit...