Back in Black - Rigid 737-
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    Back in Black - Rigid 737

    "Back in black, I hit the sack, I've been too long, I'm glad to be back. Yes I'm let loose from the noose..."

    Every one of my bike builds need a project name. It's been almost a year that I've been seriously MTBing (100% attributed to discovering CX) and since my rigid 29er build is all-black, why not go with the song title from AC-DC?

    Here's the specs:
    • Formula B4sl+ (714gr)
    • Cables for 1x9 drivetrain (60gr)
    • Cassette SRAM PG-990 11-32 (272gr)
    • SRAM PC 970 (275gr)
    • Crankset Cannondale OEM, Shimano ES70 BB, AL chainring bolts, FSA M15 AL crank bolts, 36t Vuelta ring, Salsa 36t ring dinger (857gr)
    • 3rd eye Inner chain guide (15gr)
    • 2007 SRAM X9 super short cage rear derailleur (210gr)
    • Origin 8 29er carbon fork (734gr cut - 780gr uncut)
    • Zion 737 medium (2061gr)
    • ODI Rogue grips, cut on right for twist grip (108gr)
    • Salsa 11 deg carbon flat bar (110gr)
    • Cane Creek S3 headset (118gr - originally 124gr but swapped with Al bolt)
    • Beaters SL pedals (266gr)
    • WTB Rocket V Laser saddle (221gr)
    • Giant generic OEm carbon offset seatpost (230gr)
    • Salsa 30mm seatpost collar (31gr)
    • SRAM XO right only twist shifter (87gr)
    • Syntace F99 stem 25.4mm 105mm (105gr)
    • Geax Saguaro tires front & rear (1365 gr)
    • Michelin 26" latex tubes front & rear (265gr)
    • Salsa skewers (92gr)
    • Velocity Blunt rims, WTB lazer disc lite 32h hubs, DB spokes, Al nipples (1760gr)

    Total weight comes in at around 21.95 lbs.

    Impressions are pretty much what I've expected after 6 months of experimenting on 1.75 Bonty 29er tire on my flat-bar CX - this baby likes to ROLL! It also loves to carve on fast buffed singletrack.

    Despite my 185lbs weight, the tires can handle 24psi front and 26 psi rear. I think the wide Blunt rims and Geax tires along with the Michelin tubes are the reason for it.

    I'm 5'8" with 32" inseam and the Medium fits me perfect.

    I managed a 3rd overall in it's first 100km race last weekend - so no problems keeping up with the 26" dualies on the rough ATV trails.

    As much as I like the frame (espeically for the price) I have two complaints. While steel may be "real", they should add the word "flexy" to that phrase. Much like my earlier experiences with CroMo, while steel may help ride comfort the whole frame is torsionally quite soft. I can feel the BB sway quite a bit on fast g-outs and while sprinting.

    Speaking of BB, my second complaint is how low it is! I might have one 'involuntary dismout' per season, yet within the last 2 weeks I've endo'ed twice at high speed due to the crank smacking something. I've smacked it quite a few other times but managed to save my skin. While some of this might be due to being able to pedal in places I previously couldn't on a 26", I still couldn't understand why I was getting so many pedal strikes. A quick measurement seems to have found the answer. I got 11.75" BB height and 14.5" axle height. I've calculated the BB drop to be 2.75" or almost 70mm (ie: roadie BB drop)! Can any of you other guys confirm similar BB drop numbers - realise that sagged numbers are required here if you're measuring with a front squishy.

    Overall impression is that this is an amazing frame for the money. I wouldn't consider this much of a racing frame (although the weight is impressive) but more of fun trail bike.

    Here's a pic:
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    looks good, how does she ride

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    nice looking build! Very clean. --Mark

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    Didn't know you still rode Nice looking bike.

    Thompson Elite Seat post 27.2 & 28.6
    E.13 SRS

    PM for details

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    she's a sweeeeet ride!

    Saw it.
    Biked against it.
    I was defeated.

    I gotta get me one of those 29er big wheelers..
    I'm sick of playing with the small wheels in the sandbox. I wanta go big as well.
    Same goes for the squishie front end. Ain't nothing but hastles with my front end.
    Now to get rid of the der'l.

    Its sounding more like SS for me.

    sweeeet ride'n!

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