• 01-23-2016
    Anyone riding one of these builders?
    I've been riding my Vassago Jabber for almost 10 years now and it's time to replace her. I think I've narrowed it down to these 5 builders. I've seen and ridden a Sycip in person and really enjoyed the quality and feel but I'd love to hear of other's experiences with these other builders.

    Charlie O'Leary
    Rich Adams

    I think the Sycip and O'Leary are my top picks right now. I love the lugged look and paint scheme on the O'Leary. I also really dig the dropouts on the Samsara. So has anyone ridden any of these builders or have any experience with them?

    Thanks - Crash
  • 04-20-2016
    I know this thread is a few months old but just in case you haven't purchased yet I have a Samsara hard tail ss 29er that was a custom build. I absolutely love it. I also ride a Bronson C that I love that costs twice as much and they probably get ridden equal amounts. Matt is great to deal with and does really nice work. I just had him lace up a new set of rims for me for the ss. If you are still in the market and have any questions about Samsara shoot me a pm. If you are anywhere close to the Denver area and want to take mine for a spin shoot me a pm. I am really pleased with what he built me. I tried to talk my wife into getting one. If you aren't local I can send you pics of the welds on mine and what not and what geometry he did for me.
  • 04-28-2016
    Another late response but I recently had Jeremy build me a Sycip 650B hardtail in steel. Can't say enough great things about the frame and the entire process!