Hi all,

I am thinking of buying either a Merida FLX or an 0.nine, but I normally ride a 19" frame (A Ventana El Toro is my SS).

None of my local shops have a 20" in stock, and can't get one without buying it in, which they don't want to do. An 18 is definitely too small, but I'm worried a twenty will have too little standover. TT length is just about perfect.

So, I was wondering if someone with access to a 20" Merida could measure for me the height of the top tube where it meets the headtube from the ground, and the top of the top tube at the seatube from the ground. That way I should be able to see how it compares to my Ventana, which fits me like a glove.

Ideally, one with 100mm forks, since that's what I'll be getting, but I can adjust to take into account 80mm forks.