• 01-11-2018
    Any other Montague owners here?
    If you are not familiar with them, they make full size folding bikes. They started out designing mountain bikes for the military. Something that paratroopers could jump with, and ride away, hence the name of their mountain bike line. I own a Paratrooper Highline. A 2x10 gear setup with 27.5 wheels. It is a well built and solid bike. If anyone travels, I highly recommend them. I am a truck driver, and it rides in the truck quite easily.

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  • 09-18-2018
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    Hi just joined the forum to look for Montague enthusiast of which I am one. I have many bikes including a $8k Norco Sight carbon full suspension which is a beast. However my Montague Hummer is still fun to ride and for a hard tail is one of the best and if you are going to have a hard tail is should fold and travel.
  • 09-24-2018
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    Mine is an old Montague CX comfort bike. It was originally electric. All I got was the gearbox on the back (which I removed). The motor and the rest missing. Apparently the batteries and controller hung from a bag under the frame. You can see the hooks in the picture.

    It happens to fit me very well. A comfortable ride, as long as the trails are smooth.
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