I'm planning to rebuild my '97 frame soon - it's been refurbished & disk tabs added. It was my all-time favorite bike in the late '90s/early 00's. It's a 14" frame (called "14.5" at the time)
I'd planned to build it as close as I could to its original build, but - after thinking about it - so much has changed. I'm used to wider bars, a shorter stem, etc., so Iím wondering to what extent I can use modern parts with the '97 geometry and have it ride well, and what other considerations there might be. I don't know enough about frame geometry to tell what changes would make a difference.
I'm also debating between the traditional 80mm fork (still used on the 14" ybb frame) vs. 100mm.
Thoughts? Thank you -
fwiw here are my original specs & current specs. Not sure if the frame measurement process has changed since then.
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'97 YBB SL: seeking build suggestions/ideas-screen-shot-2015-04-25-6.52.51-pm.png