• 01-12-2018
    2006 Iron Horse Warrior Comp Used -What is a good price to pay?
    Hello, new to the forum. Following the advise of many members on this site I am opting to look for a good used beginners mountain bike rather than purchasing a new department store bike. As I live in Florida I will be riding trails/back woods initially, so nothing too super aggressive to start.

    I know there are many people out there that consider $500 to be a good starting point for a beginners bike, but my budget is $100 which again I thought would be better spent on a good used/older bike rather than a new $100 or even $150 department store bike. To that end I have seen a few Iron Horse Warrior Comps out there and I am wondering what a good price would be for one. The bicyclebluebook has no pricing on the 2006 models but does price a 2004 model at around $80 in excellent condition. Would $100 be a fair price for a 2006 in good to excellent condition? Or should I not even bother looking for something that old?

    Thanks in advance for any advise you can give me on this!