• 05-03-2014
    2002 Merlin Echo YBB hardware
    My beloved Merlin has developed a bit of play in the YBB shock. Does anyone know if Moots hardware can be used to rebuild a Merlin?
    Here is what my Merlin looks like:
    Merlin Titanium - ECHO - Soft tail frame | Retrobike (somebody else's bike)
    Notice that the YBB design is a bit different from Moots but not too much:
    Here is Moots instructions I found:
    https://moots.com/wp-content/uploads...r_YBBshock.pdf Will that work with a Merlin?
  • 05-03-2014
    I know that Merlin was one of the only companies that licensed the YBB from Moots, I don't know if they used the same hardware. Measure up the slider, that's what is worn and giving you the sloppy play in the rear end. Call up the Moots factory and see if their sliders are the same size. It's an easy replacement, and with out the wear on the slider, you YBB will track up and down but not have the side to side play.
  • 05-05-2014
    Thanks. They said they didn't know if it would work and they didn't recommend trying either. I guess I might as well measure the slider first. Moots has 2 length options only. Hopefully, one of them will be right.