07 vs. 08/09 xcl geo

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  • 04-17-2009
    07 vs. 08/09 xcl geo
    I'm ready to buy an XCL and I got a chance to ride a small 07 XCL and it felt great. I want an 08/09 though but think that the geo might have changed. Is this true? The slacker HA on the new frames is good but I'm a little worried about the ST and TT lengths. I think both decreased by a bit. I'd like to go custom geo but lack the $$ for it. Ideally, I would like to ride a 17.5" (center to top) frame with a 22.5 to 23-inch(max) Effective TT. I see that most medium AM frames have geometries very close to this but not the XCL. The medium XCLs just seem a little too large for a "medium". Anyway, like I said, I liked the 07 geo and was wondering if there was a significat change in geo for the new frames.

  • 04-18-2009
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