Mountain biking near Danbury?-
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    Mountain biking near Danbury?

    What's the best place to mountain bike in the Danbury area? Farrington Woods? Bennett's Pond? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Is there anywhere that should be avoided? Looking for Some decent technical riding, if possible.

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    Check here:

    Good group of riders with a lot of trail knowledge. Rich H. oversees that group and hes outta Danbury.

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    Bennett's Pond and Farrington are both nice. Bennett's probably has a bit more of what you're looking for given that it has more variety. I would also look into Huntington State Park, particularly Chimney Trail and Rock and Roll. Trout Brook Valley and Wilton Woods might have something for you, but if you are going to go that far you might as well drive down to Trumbull and ride Pequonnock Valley / Indian Ledge. Trumbull is a beautiful valley full of nothing but tech and free-ride features if you know where to look. You could also ride Sunny Valley and Pauggusett State Forest. Both of them are going to have what you're looking for in some fashion.

    There's actually quite a lot of riding within 15-30 minutes of Danbury. Most of the trails I mentioned, except possibly Trumbull, should be within that range.

    Here's a really good resource:
    Trailforks CT

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    I'm in Danbury. Lots of good stuff fairly close. More dependent on how much you want to drive.

    My favorite local is the Bennetts/Wooster/Pine/Hemlock area. Pedaly tech.

    Wilton Woods or Trumbull if you want drops.

    Westchester county parks have a lot of goods as well. Just gotta' drive.
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    Just moved to the Danbury area in the winter (I'm not in Brookfield). So far I've liked Farrington (closest to Danbury (where I work), Waldo State Park (Southbury), and Huntington. Huntington is the most technical of the three (some sections aren't a blast on my only bike right now, a rigid SS), and has the most amount of trail length (although signage there is pretty rough and it can be easy to get lost). Waldo is the most "flowy" of the three, and doesn't have a lot of sustained climbing. The trails are fun, but I wouldn't plan on riding there for more than 2 hours or so.
    Farrington is a good mix of the two, and I've had a lot of fun there, both in the summer and in the winter.

    Haven't checked out Bennet's Pond as that's even further from me, but should look into it. Upper Paugussett State Forrest also has some trails (I've been told they're decent) but I would steer clear of it until the fall due to the amount of downed trees (still) from the storm a few months ago.

    All in all I've been pretty impressed with the riding options here (granted I came in with lower expectations.

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