• 06-25-2019
    X Fusion Manic Dropper Problems?
    Curious if there are any known problems with this dropper? I'm replacing my second one on my Stumpy in about 2 months of ownership. The shop told me that one of their mechanics has also had some issues with his.

    I think that both times it happened was from my rear colliding with the seat hard, maybe while lever was actuated? Anyway, kind of bummed, as I'd heard good things about the dropper and was happy to have it over the Command Post, of which I'd heard horrible things.
  • 07-01-2019
    I am about to have to replace my second one. I think with the slack seat tube angle that I am exerting to much force on the post at times during my ride. I am a heavier rider, though I have lost 20#'s since I replaced the last one.