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    What rise should i get?

    I am currently looking for a new set of handlebars because i want wider bars with more rise. i find that i put too much pressure on my front too often on downhills and want a higher bar to move my weight further back. the problem is that i donít know if i should go for 30 or 40mm rise. is there a large difference between my stock 20mm rise bars and 30? and will 40mm be too high?

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    Are you talking standing or sitting? I recommend following Lee McCormack's advice on bike setup (condensed version here: https://www.pinkbike.com/news/lee-mc...ke-set-up.html). Get a bar/stem combo so that the distance from your BB to bars is the same as from your feet to your hands (like at the top of a deadlift position). Any stem/bar combo that is on this continuum should feel pretty good, barring any obviously stupid scenario.

    Strength training, core work, and stretching is also probably a good idea. A lot of riders seem to collapse on the bars instead of staying planted on their feet. Arms should not have much pressure, either standing or sitting.

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    If you have enough spacers above and below your stem, pick the one you feel will be better for you. If it's too high or too low, add or remove spacers below the stem.

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    This actually makes a lot of sense and in my case itís mostly when standing. i feel like the front end sometimes gets under me but the bike isnít too short. when sitting down i feel somehat like i put too much pressure on my hands and a taller bar should solve my issues. i will measure my rad and see what i can change about it and how i will find my sweetspot, kind of weird that manufacturers doesnít include rad in the bike geometry charts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Potatobiker View Post
    kind of weird that manufacturers doesnít include rad in the bike geometry charts.
    It's not weird. It's a thing that Lee McCormack came up with for himself. He even has a more detailed version he keeps behind a paywall. I think it's a bit contrived, but it does take into account some important numbers that frame geometry charts don't usually mention.

    I've lost count of how many times I've looked at bike geo charts and have seen zero mention of even the length of stem equipped on a given bike, let alone handlebar dimensions.

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