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    Wellgo 2DU system - have anyone seen it yet?

    Wellgo has, quite silently, started selling pedals with new kind of bearings. They call it 2DU system, and apparently let go of ball bearings completely, relying instead on self lubricating bushings.

    The only image I have found, that is supposed to show the system:
    Wellgo 2DU system - anyone seen it yet?-2du.jpg
    Have any of you heard anything on that? What do you think - can this kind of system work reliably?

    One of interesting pedals with those bushings in new MG-3 (MG3 - Wellgo), slightly simplified version of MG-1. I'm waiting for my pair right now, with intention of running it on my general purpose bike (some XC, but mostly commuting). Once I install them I'll report on how they seem to work.
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    Bearings > bushings.

    Except for cost.

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    I have been running the pedals for last couple of weeks on my commute/XC bike and overall I'm happy with them. They are very similar to MG1, but fewer (6 by side instead of 9) pins, so traction is just a bit worse. Perfectly good for XC, but some would not like it on trail I suppose.

    Out of the box pedals rotate smoothly with just enough friction not to rotate under own weight (so the platform stays the way you leave it). There is just a little bit of play along the axis, but this is understandable given the construction and not perceptible while riding. The play did not change in this couple of weeks.

    As for the...

    Quote Originally Posted by twodogsfighting View Post
    Bearings > bushings.

    Except for cost.
    It all depends on what kind of bearing and bushing you compare. The ever dominant ball bearings are nice and cheap, but given available size in pedals very small balls have to be used. This means that cartridge ball bearing alone will decay quickly under load (I had couple of pedals using only ball bearing, they did not last for a season even). In order to survive the loads you either have to use larger balls (so no place for cartridge - this is done in Shimano Saints for example), or a ball bearing and roller bearing (Crank Brothers Mallet for example) or bushing (most of Wellgo, Xpedo or VP pedals). In the later two small ball bearing keeps the pedal in place along axis, but most of force goes thru bushing/roller bearing. Recently bushings come in self lubricating, which means they are very durable without any need for maintenance.

    So in the end cheap dual ball bearing pedals will come apart after 500 miles, while quality bearing/bushing combo will work for years. You can't just dismiss them that easily. ( For example, in my other pedals after couple of seasons the bushing still work flawlessly, while ball bearing needed to be replaced ).

    Back to the topic - the 2DU is interesting in that it forgoes the ball bearing totally and uses bushings to secure the platform along the axis (this is why the bushing have this collar at the end). Nobody ( that I hear of ) did this before and it might work well - there is no fundamental reason why it can't.

    I'll let you know how the pedals held up in couple of months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Feldmarshall View Post

    I'll let you know how the pedals held up in couple of months.

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