Trek Fuel 80 *PICS* Help me figure out stem specs, size Trek-
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    Trek Fuel 80 *PICS* Help me figure out stem specs, size Trek

    Hello, I'm new on here and hopefully can get a little help.
    I believe what I have is a 2008 Trek FUEL 80 SL full suspension, disc.
    Newly acquired and I'm getting initial set up going so I can get rolling.
    bike is in OK, above average condition and needs tires and new bars/stem to fit me and my intentions.

    I need a new stem, shorter and angled up.

    What is the stem size ???? looking online I'm seeing too many possibilities to guess..............

    thanks in advance for all help

    K.P. Walsh
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    Trek Fuel 80  *PICS* Help me figure out stem specs, size Trek-trek-2.jpg  

    Trek Fuel 80  *PICS* Help me figure out stem specs, size Trek-trek-3.jpg  

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    I'm not really sure what you're asking. Do you want to know the length of the stem in the picture? I can guess that it's like 100-110 mm, but can't know for certain. Why don't you measure it? To do so, measure from the center of the steerer tube to the edge of the clamping surface. For a bike of that era, I would guess the stem could go as short as 75 mm without the bike getting too twitchy.

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    2006 trek Fuel 80:

    I'm looking for a replacement stem shorter and angled. What I need to figure out is
    simply what are the handlebar (top) and lower attachment "circle diameters' ?
    I want to get a different stem and I'm out of the know if these have a standard size
    or there are variations on sizing. Hopefully someone has been there done this and knows
    I'm new to this, my last bike was 20 years ago and clearly the bikes have become much better and advanced since I last played any of this. the ones I see online
    say 1 1/8 Steer, 1 In Bar, that what I have?

    thanks for the reply, I want to get the stem replaced shorter and angled up and keep the handlebars I have on there.

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    You're most likely looking at 1 1/8" steer tube and 31.8mm handlebars. Newer 35mm bars were probably not very common or around back then.

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    Measure the diameter of the bar and steerer. You can take the top cap off the steerer and measure it directly. Bars would be easier with calipers, but you could still eyeball it well enough. Or, wrap a strip of paper around the bar and put a mark where it wraps over itself. Carefully measure between the marks to determine the circumference and divide that by 3.14 to get the diameter. It won't be perfect but it will be more than close enough to figure out the nominal diameter.
    What, me worry?

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    after alot of matching and online research I have found out this is exactly what I have.
    thanks for the suggestion, I was able to find the exact stem online same markings and verified it is the 1 1/8" steer + 31.8mm handlebar.

    thanks again

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