I just got my replacement gravel bike a Otso Waheela S stem. I was on road I am normally familiar with & it felt a bit less stable going down the hill as part of the road is not smooth & a bit unkempt. On my previous bike it was bit more stable on my previous bike a Soma Wolverine V2.0. Both have a similar width bar, but the Waheela S has a 70mm +6* while the Wolverine had/has a 80mm +16* stem. Wolverine in 52mm stock has a 2-3mm higher & 5mm longer stack than the Waheela. I was told becuase of the stem & stack differences I am lower, which makes can make it a bit sketch. I did feel it in my neck a little. My question is if I went with a 70mm +12* stem(which FSA & Specialized make) would that improve things or should I go 60mm +12* or 70mm +17 stem to get closer to what I had on my Wolverine stack height wise? I really don't want to make gravel & single track descents harder/less comfortable. Thanks