Stem/Bar options for higher reach/bad back-
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    Stem/Bar options for higher reach/bad back

    Hi guys, just bought a second hand Marin Attack Trail Pro off ebay, never really ridden an all mountain bike before, I used to ride downhill when I was a kid and never anything I actually need to pedal. I am having issues with the bars not being high enough for me and having to lean too far forward which gives me a bad back. There's no tube left at all for any spacers on stem as it's been cut right down. What can I do or buy to get a slightly higher bar and get rid of the back aches on the climbs. Thanks!

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    Ritchey Comp 4-Axis Stem 60mm 30 Degree rise and SQlab 30X high alloy riser bar handlebar 16 deg. I run this set up on two bikes. If you need higher go with a Surly Sunrise bar.
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    Is the bike the right size for you?

    Too long of reach, or too low of stack can cause the problems youíre describing. But so can a weak core/lower back.

    If youíve been out of the sport for a while, and particularly if you havenít been active (no idea if you have or have not been, just saying I know people whoís bikes were setup fine, but they hadnít ridden in years and their core was too weak to support their back correctly).

    There are a lot of riser bar options out there. Which basically means you can get anywhere from 10-60mm more rise out of bike.

    You can also reduce the reach with shorter stems. Not sure what you have on there right now, but you can get stems down to about 32-35mm long.

    Just be aware that going to a super short stem, and super high rise bars, will make the front end of the bike harder to weight in the downhill portions of the ride.

    I struggle to weight the front end enough, so even though I added a riser bar to my bike, Iíve currently got it slammed down as far as it will go(may go back to the stock bars eventually), and got a longer stem.

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