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    SQLabs 611 weight limit?!

    I just purchased a 15cm wide SQ labs 611 ergowave seat. This morning I noticed that it says the maximum weight for a rider is 100kg (220 pounds) I'm around 235 loaded up.

    I know the easy answer is to lose a few pounds and call it a day, but I've honestly never seen another seat with a moderate weight limit like this. I can understand if it said "do not exceed 300 pounds".

    Do any larger riders have experience with this seat?

    What are the chances of breaking it? I really don't want to get sodomized by a seat post while riding!

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    I have a 611 and am at the upper end of-and slightly over- the weight limit. I've been on it for about a month now all is well, so far.

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    I'm 215 ish with gear, no problem with either one of mine.
    Rigid SS 29er
    SS 29+
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    SS cyclocross
    Full Sus 29er (Yuck)

    Stop asking how much it weighs and just go ride it.

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    I've got the 611 ergowave active carbon and it started creaking something awful a month after I bought it where the rails contact the seat. I'm 210 lbs geared up.

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    I'm 210 lbs and I bent the rails on an SQLab 611. Not sure if it was from a crash or riding though.

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    Mtb (non active, S-Tube): broke two in the past year and half. I have taken a few tumbles on them so who knows what happened. The rails slide freely in the back mounting points. Creaks a lot and feel soft but still riding them.
    Road (active, S-Tube): 2 years on it, not a noise.

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    I used to be ~220 naked and have the Mtb version, active, S-tube working with no issues.

    Recently bent the rails on a fall, but worked 1+ year with no issue at all.

    Buying another one when replacing it

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