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    Speciliazed Fuse Handlebar

    Hi guys

    A stupid question I know but I can't seem to raise the height of my handle bar on my Specialized fuse 2017. I've had it a long time now, and quite frankly I've never had to adjust it, but with a new mini chasiubear in the family I need to install a front child bike seat. And to do that that, raise the handle bar.

    Is it normal if a handle bar cannot be raised? am I missing something obvious here? I tried unscrewing the stem and the handle bar itself, but the tube seems hollow and won't budge at all. like theres no extra length to it.

    Any advice and tips welcome from the experts is welcome!

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    If you have any spacers above the stem then the stem can be removed and those spacers can be put under the stem to raise the handlebars. If not, your options are to install a riser handlebar, a stem with some upsweep, or a new fork with a longer steerer tube.

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    You could also use a stem extender

    Speciliazed Fuse Handlebar-threadlesssteererextender.jpg
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    good info in there.

    if the stem is at the top of the fork, you can't raise the existing stem any more. you have a few options though:
    *stem extender, shown above. cheap and does the job.
    *replace the handlebar with something that has more rise. most stock handlebars have a 15-20mm rise, so you could get something with as much as 50mm rise.
    *replace the stem with something that has a higher angle. stock stems usually have a 6-7 rise, so look for something with 25 to make a significant difference. you might also need something with more reach to make room for the child seat, but that's a discussion to have with the bike present.

    something else to consider: if you have to raise the handlebar more than an inch or two, the shift cables might end up too short for the bike, so consider replacing the cables as part of the operation if that is the case.

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    Just to clarify the problem, do you need to raise the entire stem and bar on the steerer tube so the front of the child seat bracket can clamp to the steerer tube, or do you effectively just need to raise the ends of the handlebars so you can reach them because you can't in their current position with the kiddo between you and them?

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    I need to raise the entire stem to fits 50mm bracket on. It's for a hamax observer.

    I think I'm going to go with the stem extender, it looks like it will be the cheapest and easiest resolution. I'm quite lucky the cables have a lol bit of slack so I think they can handle the raiders. If not it's future chasiubears problem

    Any recommendations on the stem extenders? Reliable brands?

    On a side note, I found on the Hamax website just now another bracket. I think it might just be able to fit. But is it wiser to still go for the stem extender and play it safe?


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