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    spd 51 (single release) or 56 (multi-release)

    Anyone have some opinions. Didn't know there was a diff.

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    I learned on the single release ~20 years ago (that was all there was). When I returned more to MTB'ing a few years ago, the multi-release were a thing now.

    I prefer the 56 (Multi-release). They are a bit easier to get out of to dab a foot down, or even bail out. I don't find they release unexpected either (maybe if you were hitting more freestyle stuff, that's a concern). Anyway, I highly suggest multi-release to anyone MTB'ing. They seem safer without any real negatives.

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    Single - one direction to unclip
    Multi - multi directions to unclip

    Never used multi but I get unintentional unclipping with single when things get rough so I would imagine chances of unintentional unclipping would be greater with multi. Again... I have no experience with multi so take it FWIW

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    What do you use now? For someone starting out on SPDs, I might recommend the multi-release, but other than that, it is a personal thing. I personally prefer the single release, have never had a problem getting out and really do not want something that releases easier.

    The cleats are relatively cheap, so push comes to shove, buy both and whichever one you do not like, I bet you know someone that you can give a lightly used set of SPD cleats to.

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    Single release is the way to go in my opinion.

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    single (51) is the only way to go for me. If I run multi, I come un-clipped un-intentionally in corners when I'm shifting my hips off the outside of the bike. Multi (56) works well if you have a SPD pedal that has pins and a more flat pedal style SPD shoe (skate style like ride concepts with like an HT style pedal or something.

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    IMO, multi release cleats are hazardous as you can come out at the most inopportune times. I strongly recommend using only single release cleats. This hold true for indoor cycling on spin bikes, especially.
    What, me worry?

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