Shimano pedals with heaviER release tension? getting accidental unclip-
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    Shimano pedals with heaviER release tension? getting accidental unclip

    i tried HT T1 (for sale! like new!) and the entry is jank, though they are a bit tighter.

    im running 9100 XTR race pedals. tension adjusters don't really do much for stronger release tension past half way.

    are there any other Shimano pedals that use heavier springs?

    XT Trail maybe? SAINT?

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    They all use about the same tension, I would make sure you cleats are new and question technique...even with heavily worn cleats I only pop out if I am trying to....

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    ^that and want to add, my most used Shimano SPD pedals are about 5yo, I have been using them lately with half the strength of the spring and I haven't accidently unclipped for a couple of months. The last times I unclipped was due to rock strikes. Same with my friend with who I usually ride.
    If you are using the max strength of the spring, I don't think you should be unclipping regularly, do you place you heels outboard by chance?

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    Be sure you're not using multi-release cleats. They have an M engraved on them. I'd sometimes come out on hard efforts pulling up and unintentionally rotating my right ankle outward as I did so. With some mindfulness and practice I quit doing that.
    Do the math.

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