Saddles and droppers that move the saddle forward-
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    Saddles and droppers that move the saddle forward

    Beyond slamming your saddle forward on a straight post, what other options exist? Long saddle noses can be helpful but who wants to camp out up there? A saddle with tall stack makes no real difference. Geo changes are cheating. That leaves:

    [1] Saddles with rails extending further rearward (relative to saddle) than usual (e.g. Fizik Thar). Any others? They all look very similar to me.

    [2] 9point8 droppers have optional offset heads (+/- 25mm) AND you can swap them on the same post - nice! Any other droppers offering forward offset or reversible offset?

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    I have a very similar question, with the difference that I had already done some change.

    I use the Raceface Aeffect dropper, that has a sort of a bracket to adjust saddle inclination. If you look at that bracket, it is asymmetric in the front/rear direction:

    So I inverted the bracket, that moved the saddle about 15-20mm forward:
    Saddles and droppers that move the saddle forward-img_20190519_125634.jpg

    There's nothing in the Raceface literature that mentions that this should be done. Visually seems ok, as my weight still seems to be applied to close to the center of the dropper. However I don't know if this would damage the dropper in the long term.

    Sorry to confuse more than explain, but that above quite solved my problem. Now the question is if this will case problems in the future.
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