Saddle for sit bones 135mm... 150-160? 155? Phenom?-
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    Saddle for sit bones 135mm... 150-160? 155? Phenom?

    My sit bones measure approximately 135mm ... on the previous bike I used a 150mm saddle... its flat.

    I used the FABRIC SCOOP 142mm saddle for 1 month because it came with the new bike. But it is very uncomfortable.

    On my account I would need a saddle around 155mm. I looked at the specialized PENHOM COMP, but I'm afraid because that it's bent/rounded over the edge.

    Anyone with sit bones in 130-140mm uses the phenom saddle or something?


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    It's not that easy.

    Not only does the saddle width need to be right, but the shape needs to be right for your body.

    It's best if you can figure out exactly what aspect of an uncomfortable saddle isn't working for you. Very good chance it's not the width that's the problem.

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    My sit bnes are narrower but I found the phenom 143mm to be super comfy. That doesn't mean much though, it's all personal preference.
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    Yeah saddles are very personal and no one but you can decide if one is better than the other for you. That being said I've run Phenoms for several years on all my bikes and absolutely love them as does a buddy of mine that I gave one too.

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    Saddles are a tough one. There can be so many factors on what makes a saddle "comfortable" for people.

    I think my sit bones came out to 135 on the ass-o-meter. I use ~143 width saddles. I tend to like flatter ones. I have a 143 Power, an eBay carbon one (I think ~143), and a 143 Power Arc on the road bike.

    I've found that the more upright I sit...there's more pressure on my sit bones...and the wider I want my saddle. The lower the riding position...the less pressure and can run a narrower saddle.

    Some shops will let you demo saddles. I think Competitive Cyclist has a program that will let you try different saddles. Specialized has some kind of satisfaction guarantee for their saddles.

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    hmmm ok ... I understand... Complicated

    I searched for these specialized tests but found nothing here ...

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