saddle for riding mtb on road-
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    saddle for riding mtb on road

    I had back surgery and have only been riding on the road. will probably stay that way if/till I get a FS. the left side of my ass goes numb, and goes away with standing. could be cause of my nerve damage, or this saddle is too narrow, or the nerve takes a different path on that side maybe. its a fizik tundra m3, its 127mm wide. whatever I get, I'm pretty sure I want a cut out, cause I feel like I'm sitting on my taint as much as my sit bones.

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    Go to a shop and have your sitbones measured. Mine are ~120mm but many people's are wider than that and yours might be, too. If your sit bones are hanging over the edge of the saddle, you'll never be comfortable. And yes, a cutout helps for me as well.

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    Suspension seatpost? I put one on my fatbike when recovering from foot surgery last winter (because for a while I couldn't "stand" on both legs and couldn't absorb via my legs). I have a hard time taking it off now, even though I have no problem absorbing.
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    I bought an REI bike recently that has a "lower end of the spectrum" WTB Volt saddle on it, 142mm. It is the most comfortable saddle I've ridden in a long time. We swapped it onto my son's bike for a couple weeks since he said his seat was making his butt sore (he is 8). He said it was very comfortable also. Rather than try to save money, and because my butt was sore after those couple weeks, I just went and bought him his own WTB Volt Race saddle. I tried both the race version and the cheapo REI version, but can't tell the difference. The 142mm Volt Race saddle is supposed to be 297g but it was actually 280g when I measured it.

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