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    Road vs MTB saddles?

    I rode twice my new Chisel and already realized I hate the saddle. I am not sure if it’s the width or the shape but this saddle definitely doesn’t work for me.
    A few years ago I installed a Specialized Romin on my road bike and I love this saddle. Very comfortable, I can ride for hours and not think of it.
    Should I just ignore the fact that it’s a road saddle and buy another Romin?
    Whats the real difference between a road and a MTB saddle?

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    No such thing as a road or MTB saddle. Pick one that works and ride it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Duke View Post
    No such thing as a road or MTB saddle. Pick one that works and ride it.

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    I agree with picking what works, but I do find I like a different saddle on road vs mountain bikes. On the road bike I'm typically a bit more forward and low, rest on a more forward portion of my sit bones and need a narrower saddle with a healthy cut out. On mountain bikes I'm a bit further back on my butt, like my saddles 10-15mm wider and don't have a problem with crotch numbness necessitating the cut out.

    Everybody's different, but the same saddles don't work for me on both road and MTB.

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    I actually fell in love with Selle SMP saddles on the road bike and put a Stratos on my mountain bike and never looked back .... The most comfortable saddle for me bar none. I realized after the fact that the red saddle and the distinctive SMP shape looks remarkably like a chili pepper which fits perfectly on my Salsa
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    Quote Originally Posted by Le Duke View Post
    No such thing as a road or MTB saddle. Pick one that works and ride it.

    True, but different saddles are made for different riding positions. If your position on the mtb is similar your position on the road bike than the same saddle will work for both but if your position on the road bike is really aggressive and you're way more upright on the mtb they might not.
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    Road saddles might be a bit narrower than a Mountain one. I've got a Spesh Power and an eBay carbon one...which looks like its based off an older Spesh Toupe saddle.

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    Naming a saddle the "Chisel" had to be a tough sell.

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    If you found a saddle that works for you, go with that. That is tough enough to do. It's so nice to end a long ride & not have a numb tush.

    For years I just got by with a ton of passable saddles. Tried a WTB Volt team 142mm & have never looked back. I've picked up about 5 in total for all my bikes & friends. Great saddle although a bit to swallow at full MSRP.
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    Just ride what you like. I use a "road" saddle on my mountain bike. I also use "bmx" grips. I also ride in board shorts and cotton t shirts most of the time, and don't even own any cycling specific clothing. People often thrive thinking outside the box. Check out Alexandera Houchin. She set the tour divide mountain bike race women's record...on a single speed....wearing work boots!

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    Think a “natural” saddle should be used for mt. biking, you are outdoors, desiring to commune with nature, et al.....
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    I had an interesting experience in the iditarod this year and I think it contributed to my injury: I didn't realize that I hated my saddle, because I tended to ride a lot of technical trails, moving back and fowards, up and down, so I really never spent long hours pedaling while sitting on it. I did training rides doing just that, but I didn't always do it with this bike. The injury was tweaking my knee due to the deep snow and constant dismounts/remounts on the bike, but hating the saddle made me try to pedal out of the saddle more, putting more stress on my knee and increasing the distance to the ground for my center of mass when I had to put a foot down. Saddles are very hard to choose, there are tools to help, but no sure-shots unfortunately. I'm going to try the Bikeyoke Sagma, for it's compliance, although I have some other saddles I'm pretty happy with. It seems the more suspension I have and the more I have to move around the bike (tech terrain), the less I care about the saddle shape/fit. The other important addition will be a dropper post. It should be noted that I was using a pretty nice suspension seatpost (kinect), but a saddle shaped the wrong way still overrides any benefit there when you are pedaling for hour upon hour.
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